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W4H - 2nd Anniversary of the 470 Amateur Radio Group
Start Date: November 1, 2009
End Date: November 15, 2009
Frequencies:Voice - 24.450, 14.260, 7.260, 3.860
PSK31 - 14.070, 7.070.
QSL Info: Note the amateur's name and send QSL to the call that is working the W4H event. For example if you work me as W4H I will also give you my home call and tell you to QSL to me AJ4IJ.
More Info: The 470 Amateur Radio Group website

Monday, February 9, 2009

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

It has been brought to my attention that my use of the term 'XOM' may have some, well, buffaloed. Although I have heard this term used once before (by a guy that I spoke with forever ago), I too questioned it's use. Was this proper Ham Radio terminology? And since when did that really matter to me?? *You are reading the blog of a girl who hollers "CQ on the 20!"*

Well, let me try to explain myself. See, it all goes back to the term XYL. When I was first becoming familiar with this term, I Googled it. After extensive Google research *ha*, I found that there was NO explanation behind why a Young Lady (YL) ceases to be young once she is married, no matter what her age really is. Now, I realize that this was probably and originally constructed this way as to not offend any ladies by calling them Old... but I think they *whoever "they" are* should have further defined XYL.

See, marriage can do some crazy things to people. Despite finding yourself madly in love, marriage comes with sacrifices. Those of us who are married know about these, which may include but is not limited to: throwing away all your dreams and (God bless them) sometimes the hobby. I wonder if walking down that aisle did not age me by 20 years automatically, and therefore I embrace the term XYL with pride. After all my old man has put me through, I'm surprised I'm not SK. :D

So, logically, if marriage takes away the youth of a lady, then it must take away something from a man. Hence the XOM. Some of you may ask... What is there after Old? Does that make them Dead? Well, I'll leave that up to your imagination. But, I can guarantee one thing. I am not married to a ghost. Maybe a zombie, but not a ghost.


PS.... If the above grammatically correct title has you buffaloed, try this: THE buffalo FROM Buffalo WHO ARE buffaloed BY buffalo FROM Buffalo ALSO buffalo THE buffalo FROM Buffalo. And if that doesn't work, visit here.

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