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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mt. Mitchell Repeater Update

Well... I just found that the QRZ thread has been closed. This is sad news to me, as it was really my only way to see updates on the matter. No one sends me emails, and I don't have contact with these people, so... I guess I'll be in the dark for a while on the topic.

But, I found two posts on the QRZ forum I'd like to share with you before I go under my rock...

1. Dated June 16th at 3:02pm

"Discussions are proceeding with the parties to resolve this issues regarding the Mt. Mitchell repeaters.

We appreciate all the help and encouragement from those who have lent their assistance.

If everyone will be patient and 'QRT' on further communciations to Blue Ridge Broadcasting, Samaritan's Purse or other 3rd parties, it will be appreciated.

They have heard your concerns and asked our patience in working out a resolution.

We will have an update at the appropriate time."

Thank you,
Dean Blair ~ k2jb

And 2. Dated June 15th at 8:01pm

"Ken Wood, NN4KW, a McDowell Amateur Radio Assoc member and a part time volunteer at WMIT, was able to meet with Alice Knighten, WMIT General Manager, on June 15. Alice was willing to talk with Ken about the development of events surrounding the request for removal of amateur radio repeaters from Clingman's Peak.

The issue began when a repeater antenna was moved without approval.
The consequences of this change forced WMIT to change antennas to resolve interference issues.

The Forest Service owns the site. Amateur Radio repeaters operate at the pleasure of Blue Ridge Broadcasting, using power supplied by Blue Ridge Broadcasting. There have been no written agreements up to now about the operating agreements. There is a question of liability as the repeaters now operate.

According to Alice, the issue can be resolved. However her boss, Franklin Graham, is now involved due to the letter writing campaign by hams. She is waiting for direction from him. Unfortunately, Alice has received some unpleasant letters which don't advance resolution of this matter.

Resolution will involve defining written agreements, agreement to pay for electricity, and perhaps some apologies.

Ken Wood NN4KW and David Houser WA9OTP"


So, please... for now... halt all letters and requests for letters to be sent to Franklin Graham. They are apparently aware of the situation and are asking for a QRT.

Personally, I'll uphold the QRT on letters as long as they are doing something about this issue. If it seems to begin to be swept under the rug, we will need to send those letters again! :)


WV6Z said...

My best wishes for a positive resolution in this matter. With some luck as well as massaging as well as assurance no changes will be made in future without permission, this may all be resolved quickly. From what I originally read, maybe even a little education and enlightenment should be offered as to what amateurs continue to offer as a service are in order. What is sad is that there were so many to actively jump on the band wagon and zip off those hate mail messages. Sad how these jerks thought that would bring about a positive response in all of this, but, it is after all the typical thing to do, isn't it? In closing, it seems that so much has been done to improve the general condition of the equipment there recently (this is a receiving end observation). The 145.190 machine had deteriorated to the point where it was almost unbearable to listen to, but is in fine shape now. For what it's worth, my fingers are crossed..... it would be very sad for the users to lose such fine wide area coverage machines, but, with lessons learned, if a move is on the horizon, all will have learned by their mistakes and a tolerable alternate site can be located if need be. I would wager that if forced removal becomes imminent, there will all of a sudden be a few alternate sites that may be adequate (even though not Mt. Mitchell) that will be offered up for use.
very 73 de Tom ~ WV6Z

Robin B. said...

Thank you for you comments. I was also upset to hear that there had been hate mail sent out. I specifically asked on my blog that if you were going to send a letter that it definitely shouldn't be rude. It's not the time to act like horse's rears, it's time to be polite, and work out a deal. I really appreciate your comment on the matter, and I hope that the matter gets resolved as well. I guess we all hate to see the Amateur community lose the Clingman's Peak site because of it's noteworthiness. But if it comes down to that, we'll press on like we always have, even though it saddens our hearts. I remember feeling the same way when the Amateur Station was removed from the Smithsonian. Sad times.

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